How Well Are You Prepared to Win?

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“Great Preparation Happens long before the Performance”

As the role of an athlete it is your job to be prepared for any type game situations right?

So to make it to the next level in whatever sport or business you must constantly ask, “How well are you prepared to win?”

From Dr. Michael Lardon and his book  “Finding Your Zone” he states ‘ When we are well trained and meticulously prepared, we possess greater mental reserves allowing us to deal with the novel challenges of competitive environments.’ In other words it is in your own ability to be prepared for all your competition which allows you to control and regulate your anxiety.

Bottom line here is are you prepared, trained enough to go into competition and be successful? If you can not answer this question quickly and honestly then you must return to your training and train harder.

As we have said before there is nothing wrong with failure because we can learn from it and then go onto be successful. We also need to learn to ask for help from others who have done it before. Knowledge is power if used the proper way and preparation gives us a greater knowledge.

But we need to ask ourselves these questions before we go into ‘battle’ for our next competition.


How can I prepare?

Who knows more then I do and how can I learn from them?

Am I fully trained?

What more can I do to be at my best?

Take your time answering these questions and I would love to hear from you!

Remember, be determined to go beyond your own boundaries!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye

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How Well Are You Prepared to Win?

How Do You Serve Others?

Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye…..

Have you ever asked yourself this question; “How can I serve others better?”

I have been pondering this question for some time lately. You know, just sitting at my desk staring out into the open air wondering and thinking, there has to be a better way to serve and help others.

Sure there is the basic, all good deeds kinds of things we should do daily for others that is just common sense but what about the other stuff? You know, how do we help in a ‘bigger’ way?

I was thinking of looking up in the Webster Dictionary, the word ‘serve’ but I didn’t.

Then I thought where would be the best place to find a true meaning of this word?  Yup your right, the Bible. So I pull up my ‘The Sports Bible’ (ask me later what my Bible is okay!)

Former professional NFL player Mike Singletary suggest that ‘real men serve by seeking to serve, this is a true testament of a real man.’ He continues to say, ‘A real man will do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. He will give a hundred percent no matter what he’s called upon to do. He will be a servant rather than a master.’

You see, we are here to serve others way before we serve ourselves but unfortunately and this is the way I see it okay, society is teaching us that we should serve ourselves first and then if anything is left over maybe, just maybe we can serve others.

Now would you agree with that?

But why do we continue on with this thinking? Why don’t we take up a stand and say, ‘No I am here to serve You first, your needs, your wants first and then as I am serving you I will be served as well.’ And that is the exact point I am trying to relate to you all. ‘Serve others as you wish to be served’

So back to my original question,

“How can I serve others better?”

By being attentive to others needs! By asking the right questions! And by listening to their answers!

Frankly it is really very simple don’t you think? But unfortunately can be confusing to most.

So today I ask you, “How can we serve each other better?”




Coach Nye

How Do You Serve Others?

How Your Words Impact Your Success

Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye……..

“What You Focus on Grows…Make it Positive”


The words you speak hold power. Power to create new possibilities or to close them down. Power to build relationships or to damage them. Power to lift people up or to pull them down.

Too often we don’t realize just how impactful our words are—both on ourselves and others. If we did, we’d do far less complaining and far more encouraging. You would also hear a lot less of “It’s impossible to…,” “I’m totally hopeless at…” or “I had no choice…”—all phrases which undermine our power and limit our future.

Psychologists have found that our subconscious mind interprets what it hears very literally. The words that come out of our mouth create the reality we inhabit. Unfortunately, it’s often a negative reality because we unconsciously sabotage our success simply by using language that undermines our opinions, amplifies our problems and chips away at our confidence to handle them.

Whatever direction your words lead, your mind, body and environment will inevitably follow.

If you use positive language about yourself and your ability to learn new skills, achieve your goals and handle pressure, then that’s what tends to show up externally. Conversely, if you’re continually saying things that affirm incompetence, echo hopelessness, nurture anxiety or fuel pessimism, then that will also shape your reality. Over time your world will morph to mirror your words.

Therefore, it’s extremely important to be thoughtful about the words you use and deliberate about speaking in ways that empower and expand rather than devalue and deflate.

The truth is that most people grossly underestimate the power they possess to effect positive change. This is echoed in the words they use to describe themselves and their circumstances. By painting themselves as helpless victims of forces beyond their control, devoid of the power and influence to improve their lot, they render themselves just that. It’s a vicious cycle as they gather more and more evidence to confirm their powerlessness.

Tapping into your personal power starts with building self-awareness of where you are, using what psychologists call “out of power” language. To that end, below are five ways you can change how you speak in order to build your confidence, grow your influence and improve your ability to get more of what you want and change what you don’t.

  1. Speak possibilities into life.

For example:

  • If you want more time,talk about the important things you will schedule into your day, week and year (not about how crazy busy you are).
  • If you want more success, talk about your aspirations and what you can do to make them a reality (not about how big your problems are).
  • If you want more power and influence, talk about what you’ll do with the influence you already have (not about how no one takes you seriously).


  1. Don’t “try” to do something.

Committing with a confident can-do spirit shifts the energy you bring to a challenge and rallies people around you in ways that trying, wishing and “hoping for the best” never will. Try it!

Saying “I’ll try” resonates with hesitation and ambivalence. Saying “I will” declares to yourself and anyone listening that you’re serious about changing the game and what you most want is already a done deal. It’s just waiting to be completed.


  1. Never say never.

Most of us have no idea about what is actually possible. Likewise, when we use absolute terms as descriptors, we fall into what’s known as a “linguistic trap”—confining ourselves to the walls our words create. Hence, words like always, never and impossible can be very self-limiting and should be used cautiously.



Coach Nye

How Your Words Impact Your Success

Moving Forward

Mind Over Sport with Coach Nye

“Matching your Desire to your Dedication and then Matching all that with your Discipline will help you reach any goal you have set out for”

When I hear about people and or teams setting goals for the season ahead, I sometimes cringe to myself because I know what is coming  –

“Man that’s a pretty big goal, a lot of work needs to be done – not sure if we can really do this but we will try, right”

Sound familiar?

Then what happens?

Well most likely you never really  get it going…probably, things don’t start off well and the plan for the goal gets changed or just thrown out.

You see, most people want the convenience of the goal transformation without the Inconvenience that will come along the way. It is your duty – your job – to overcome and fight through it – so you can obtain your goals.

Trust me everybody has a hard road to travel to their goals.

What I tell my players is this –

We are going to go through a process and set up strategies to help you obtain your goal. We know what the goal is, Now don’t forget it, but let’s move onto the process.

That is the secret to goal accomplishment – the process to any goal will set you free.

Check back this week to read what Process 1 is all about!


Coach Nye

Moving Forward

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bulldog 2v2

Coach Nye-Great Drill

Coach Chris Hall

Bulldog 2v2

A progression from last weeks Yale 1v1, only 2v2.

The same thing is going on in both ends. The puck starts in the corner with two F’s. 2 D man the points. Puck goes from the corner to the point, then D to D for a shot. The two F’s go to the slot for a screen presence, then cycle a second puck out of the corner – again D to D for a shot. After the second shot, the two F’s get a puck from their line while the 2 D regap and take back ice. The two F’s then attack down the other end of the ice (top) while the D play a 2v2 rush coming from the other end (bottom).

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Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bulldog 2v2


UHS Coach Nye Talks Hockey-Allow Kids to Play,Emphasis on Play


Lots of interesting pieces out there with regard to early sampling/ diversification v  early specialisation. I have decided to gather my thought s from my previous blogs and try to formulate my thoughts and the thoughts of others in one blog post.


Allow children to play more sports with the emphasis on PLAY.

There is an ever increasing pressure and demand on children to focus on one sport and to play the adult game. This is creating a counterproductive culture that drives the specialisation age down. The landscape for the hearts and minds of our children is being turned in to a race to the bottom. Sports science has shown that this pathway can lead to serious injuries and a lower level of expected success.

The majority of research supports the argument that early specialisation, despite what can be interpreted as early success (making the team, winning the league) can…

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