How Well Are You Prepared to Win?

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“Great Preparation Happens long before the Performance”

As the role of an athlete it is your job to be prepared for any type game situations right?

So to make it to the next level in whatever sport or business you must constantly ask, “How well are you prepared to win?”

From Dr. Michael Lardon and his book  “Finding Your Zone” he states ‘ When we are well trained and meticulously prepared, we possess greater mental reserves allowing us to deal with the novel challenges of competitive environments.’ In other words it is in your own ability to be prepared for all your competition which allows you to control and regulate your anxiety.

Bottom line here is are you prepared, trained enough to go into competition and be successful? If you can not answer this question quickly and honestly then you must return to your training and train harder.

As we have said before there is nothing wrong with failure because we can learn from it and then go onto be successful. We also need to learn to ask for help from others who have done it before. Knowledge is power if used the proper way and preparation gives us a greater knowledge.

But we need to ask ourselves these questions before we go into ‘battle’ for our next competition.


How can I prepare?

Who knows more then I do and how can I learn from them?

Am I fully trained?

What more can I do to be at my best?

Take your time answering these questions and I would love to hear from you!

Remember, be determined to go beyond your own boundaries!

Until next time.

See you after the game,

Coach Nye

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How Well Are You Prepared to Win?

Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bulldog 2v2

Coach Nye-Great Drill

Coach Chris Hall

Bulldog 2v2

A progression from last weeks Yale 1v1, only 2v2.

The same thing is going on in both ends. The puck starts in the corner with two F’s. 2 D man the points. Puck goes from the corner to the point, then D to D for a shot. The two F’s go to the slot for a screen presence, then cycle a second puck out of the corner – again D to D for a shot. After the second shot, the two F’s get a puck from their line while the 2 D regap and take back ice. The two F’s then attack down the other end of the ice (top) while the D play a 2v2 rush coming from the other end (bottom).

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Wednesday Drill of the Week: Bulldog 2v2


UHS Coach Nye Talks Hockey-Allow Kids to Play,Emphasis on Play


Lots of interesting pieces out there with regard to early sampling/ diversification v  early specialisation. I have decided to gather my thought s from my previous blogs and try to formulate my thoughts and the thoughts of others in one blog post.


Allow children to play more sports with the emphasis on PLAY.

There is an ever increasing pressure and demand on children to focus on one sport and to play the adult game. This is creating a counterproductive culture that drives the specialisation age down. The landscape for the hearts and minds of our children is being turned in to a race to the bottom. Sports science has shown that this pathway can lead to serious injuries and a lower level of expected success.

The majority of research supports the argument that early specialisation, despite what can be interpreted as early success (making the team, winning the league) can…

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The Right Fit

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Recruiting is as much about finding the right fit between player and program as it is about getting the most talented players. There is a number of reasons to choose School A over School B, or School B over School A. Facilities, academic reputation, financial aid/scholarship, coaching staff, winning, location, etc. The list goes on and on. Logic can dictate which school you choose to attend. Or you can trust your gut – your stomach will tell you when you’re at a school where you fit in and where you can find success.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.”

But who is going to work harder? A player who is convinced to go to a certain school by a coach or a player who goes to a school because it is the right fit? Finding players that fit the culture and mentality of your program are far…

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The Right Fit

Sharpening with Precision (c)

UHS Coach Nye Talks Hockey and Getting the Job done Right!


We do not use that phrase lightly. There are 4 factors that will determine your on-ice skating success as it relates to sharpening: 1). Hollow depth, 2). Evenness of both edges, 3). Edge sharpness, 4). Profiling. We have invested in your success! The Snipers Team has 3 precision gauges that we use to calibrate the exact squareness of your blades to within .001 of an inch. We also use the best, precision sharpening wheels on the market. Come in for a visit and we will discuss with you the benefits of profiling and custom radius. C U @ The Stu.


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Sharpening with Precision (c)